Beat The Cheap

Cheap Window Tint

“The most asked question I get on a weekly basis, is ‘Can you beat their price?”. Says the manager at The Tint Factory.

When it comes to professional window tinting, price is always a factor that the customer considers first and then the workmanship second. In actuality , it should be the other way around. Would you pay for a bad job for less? Or a good job for more? In these hard times, customers have been trying to find ‘Cheap’ for more. Lets just say, that only works for places like Walmart or Stater Bros. In the professional window tinting business, companies that are honest, do great work, and care for their customers are taking a toll. Shops that open up during the summer to make a quick buck, are doing full cars for $80.00 and less, but the work is no where near okay.

Standards are different in everyones perspective. Some say they can find a window tint job for a hundred bucks and came out great. What one person defines as great may be another’s opinion as horrible! It is always a smart idea, when pricing at different locations for your window tint to not only consider the price, but the quality of work as well. So, if you are the type of person that likes to quote “Can you beat their price”, you should make sure you are comparing apples to apples, not  apples and lemons. Though, if all you want is a quick job, for less than half the price, by all means there are places that will fit what your looking for.
Sometimes, when a place will ‘beat’ a price or ‘hook you up’, you are probably getting dooped. Ask your self, how do you know the person that came in right before didn’t get it for less than the ‘hook up price’ you just got? Would you not feel like you got ripped off, or didn’t get the same ‘deal’ some one else got? Why should you have to have ‘expert’ negotiating skills just to make sure your not getting ripped off? Tint shops that stay consistent with pricing is always a good sign. They are honest, not shady, or in it solely for your money. Take into fact, the after math of the job. How sure are you to have an issue resolved with that shop that gave you a ‘deal’ if there was a problem? Consider the fact that if they refuse to take care of any issues, the cost to have something repaired at another shop. For an example if the deal price you got was $100.00 for a full sedan, and every window had a problem, the cost at another shop that originally quoted $130.00 now has to redo the windows, adding on the removal price. So now your adding on an estimated $90.00 for a fix that should have been done right the FIRST time. Not so much of a deal any more right?

It shouldn’t cost an arm and a leg to get a good job on your vehicle, but it does require just a little bit of research and care if what you are expecting is a good job. In the end, it could very well be money well spent, or better off burning .