Guide To Shopping For Window Tint

During the holiday season, many window tinting shops want to lure in customers by advertising their extra low prices. What many customers don’t know is that they are being scammed!

Here you will find a few recognizable advertisements and ‘lines’ you’ll hear while getting all those prices on the phone or in person. By the time you are finish reading this, you will be a pro at telling who is lying and who is telling the truth.

  • $99.00 Full Tint!  

Customers are easily drawn in by this low price. Who wouldn’t want to get a full car done for under a hundred bucks? What customers need to understand is that no one will work for free, let alone     break even.  Any reputable window tinting shop will not advertise this “$99.00 tint.” This is just as good as a dollar tree store, or the .99 cent store. You’ll find plenty of things for cheap, but in the end you’ll get what you pay for. Purchasing window tint for your car or home is not the same as buying a product at the store.

What you are paying for is the years of experience and knowlege to get the work done correctly, the time it takes to do the work, and the expense of not only the material to tint the car but the tools it takes to get it done. We encourage our customers to educate themselves while pricing around. You can still look for the best deal, but keep in mind the cheapest way is not always the best way.

  • Holiday Specials! “LEGAL TINT” $129.00 full SUV’s !! 

What you see in these advertisements are the “specials” shops like to offer customers, but at the end of it all says “Legal Tint”. 90% of Customers believe that “legal” tint means a “medium or dark” shade for their front two windows. According to the DMV website, in the state of California the legal tint for the front driver and passenger windows of a vehicle must admit more that 70% of light to pass. To sum that all up, means ITS NOT LEGAL TO TINT THE FRONT TWO WINDOWS IN CALIFORNIA. More than 70% in the window film industry means “clear film”, or no color. 50% is considered in most shops to be the “LIGHT” shade on a scale from Limo being the darkest and LIGHT being the lightest before clear. Customers get tricked into thinking that the deal that they are getting means they have their front two windows tinted as well and its NOT!  Be sure to read all the fine print in the advertisements.

  • Warranties: Workmanship VS Material 

This is one of the many ways customers find out the hard way AFTER the work is already done and they have a problem with the job. Shops like to use a ‘play on words’ to trick customers to get them to do the job with them. You will hear some shops saying the warranty only applies to the ‘Material’ and not the ‘workmanship.’ Or vice versa. Either way it spells LIES! When a shop chooses to warrant only one or neither it means they’re trying to get away with something. To say the shop only warrants on the material means, if the film gets put on wrong, or comes out dirty or bad the warranty is only if the film goes bad not if the work is done wrong. If the shop says they warranty only the workmanship, it means that they will put it on but there is no REAL warranty so if the film bubbles, peels, fades or anything,  your S.O.L. :) Be sure to ask these important questions BEFORE the job is done and get it in writing. Many times customers have said that the guy has promised them everything, but when it came time to take care of something they have no proof in writing.

  • Brand Name Film Loop Holes 

When you are pricing on that new car you just bought the first question you ask is usually along the lines of , “How much is it to tint my 4door car with a 3M film?” What you may not know is that when you just as for 3M, you are asking for something very broad. It’s like you walking onto a Honda dealership and asking for a Honda. There are many types of Hondas right? Just to name a few there is the Accord, the Civic, the Cr-V, the Insight… The same goes with 3M, or any professional window film brand. Be sure to do your research on which level of 3M or film you are looking for. One shop that carries 3M may quote higher than the other that also carries the brand, but you may be getting a higher grade or lower than the other. When you are pricing around be sure to be as specific as possible, and get what you asked for in writing from the name of the film in full example : 3M Color Stable 5% Limo. (Not just the brand 3M) on a receipt & a manufactures warranty filled out in full with the business license number and roll numbers. This will save you from the head ache later.

  • Reviews and Referrals 

In todays world our society rely on the internet for information. However not everything you read on the internet is true. A lot of the reviews on business websites now a days can tend to be fake. Instead of just reading what the review says, now people have to click on that persons profile to see who else they’ve reviewed. Many times you will notice the person has reviewed 50 business in the last few months….but from all over the country. Sound sketchy? It is. You will notice that the fake reviews are made up profiles that business pay for them to do nothing but review places. If you click on the profile you will notice that they have reviewed places all over the country which wouldn’t make sense. Instead of relying on just the reviews do a little research on your own. Contact the businesses the shop has said they work with. Ask the neighboring business’ what they think of that shop. Most customers don’t think  about how the other business that are either right next door or across the street will also have input of their work. They are there ever day and see the jobs the shop has done or at least talked to the customers and heard their experience.