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Will you match or beat competitors prices?

No. Window tinting is not like a product you buy in a store that is universally the same. Getting your windows tinted is not just about the film your buying, but who is applying it? They have to have experience to get it done right. So when comparing our prices, your just comparing numbers not the actual work and time that goes along with the price. We do however usually offer online coupons. We would gladly accept our coupons!

Why is Crystalline so expensive? Is it really that much better?

Quality goes hand in hand with price. Then again, there are those who believe that everything is the same, the cheaper the better. Crystalline is a special material that has a very high heat rejection unlike other films. In a way it is like buying a car. They have the base model and as you add more features the price usually goes up right? Here are a few links that talk about the 3M Crytalline. If you are still skeptical about ANY one even buying this material check out our Crystalline Elite™ club. Click Here to see just a few of our happy customers that chose this material.

How soon after I tint my windows can I roll them down?

The drying time usually takes a few days. In some cases a week. You can, however, open your windows after 24hours (1 day).

If I have more than one vehicle I want to get tinted, do you offer special deals?

Yes! We welcome multiple cars. Give us a call so we can work out the best price for you.

Do you do residential and commercial buildings as well?

Yes! We usually like to check out the windows ourself before we give a price. If you like to measure the windows and send us an email along with a photo and the numbers we would be glad to give a rough estimate over the phone.