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The Tint Factory Inc. has been in business and tinting vehicle windows since 1989. We utilize a state of the art computer cut technology to cut the film specific to your vehicle. In addition, our window tinter has over 20 years experience and always do our best to get the car done right the first time around.

We also work with many dealerships and local business including Spreen Honda, Toyota of San Bernardino, Tom Bell Chevrolet just to name a few. We offer many window film brands to meet our clients needs and every one we utilize includes a manufacturer’s lifetime warranty. Please give us a call if your interested in getting your vehicle tinted by the area’s best installation facility.

Hüper Optik Autobahn Window Film

The Hüper Optik Autobahn product line of advanced automotive window films offers a proven track record of performance, durability and clarity. We offer the best performing films available in the industry. Our Patented Nano-Ceramic technology was the first ceramic film and it is backed by over 17 years of history, performance, and durability.

The autobahn Black line offers a sophisticated style through a blend of aesthetics and value in mind. Black is a color-stable deep-dyed film – second to none in color stable dye technology on the market.

Of course Black also causes no interference with radio frequencies or electronic control systems.

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Built on proven nano-ceramic dispersion technology, autobahn Black Ceramic offers virtually no low-angle haze present in some other ‘large particle’ dispersion films as well as contains a blend of type and size of ceramics that provide broad-spectrum infrared rejection rather than a simple technology that may have high infrared rejection but only within a narrow bandwidth.

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Ceramic window film offers durability beyond other films. The stable construction avoids delamination or discoloration for the life of the warranty.

This cutting edge technology provides remarkable heat rejections performance and cool European styling. Ceramic window film reduces glare to improve your driving visibility and reduces fading of your interior.

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This precious metal film offers the highest performance combination available, anywhere!

With a maximum amount of visible light and highest performance in the industry, the Select films are sure to protect your investment.
These products maximize the comfort of your car with a cooler interior and maximum protection against fading.

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Other Automotive Services Offered

For more information about the automotive products and services offered at The Tint Factory, contact us at 909-796-7425. We would be happy to discuss the options and pricing available for your particular application.