Yes! Back in 2000 we were previously located there. There is an old picture when we were located there. We are now located on Redlands Blvd. between Waterman and Tippicanoe across from Hospitality Car Wash.
One way to find the best place is to call the 3M reps by going to 3M window tint dealer locater online. You cannot just rely on who is on there, but by personally asking someone in the office. Unfortunately they have been having problems updating their site. Another way is to check out the reviews. Sometimes the word of mouth is much better than looking for the lowest price. How trust worthy is the place your going to? What other reputable business do they work with….? Believe it or not, a lot of places claim to do business with dealer ships when they really don’t. You can confirm this by calling the place they claim to work with direct.
No. Window tinting is not like a product you buy in a store that is universally the same. Getting your windows tinted is not just about the film your buying, but who is applying it? They have to have experience to get it done right. So when comparing our prices, you’re just comparing numbers not the actual work and time that goes along with the price. We do however usually offer online coupons. We would gladly accept our coupons!
Quality goes hand in hand with price. Then again, there are those who believe that everything is the same, the cheaper the better. Huper Optik is a special material that has a very high heat rejection unlike other films. In a way it is like buying a car. They have the base model and as you add more features the price usually goes up right?
The drying time usually takes a few days. In some cases a week. You can, however, open your windows after 24hours (1 day) .
No. We stay very busy here since so many people want to come to us to get their windows tinted right. Many other tint shops can see you right away while here a lot of times we are booked out a few days sometimes weeks in advance. That just shows what kind of work we do! So you know your coming to the right place. Another reason is because we work with so many other dealerships and other businesses we not only have our regular appointments but those as well.
Yes! We welcome multiple cars. Give us a call so we can work out the best price for you.
They are the worlds first and only patented nano ceramic window film line. They use same technology that the stealth bomber uses to be undetected, and have created efficient heat rejecting films that beat the 3M Crystalline line. They are 3x higher in infrared rejection, 4x less reflective, 55 degrees cooler and 25x more durable than competing films.
No. Again, if other tint shops can figure out the system, or refuse to use it, OR cannot afford to have it, they would prefer to say something negative rather than the truth that would make them look bad. We use Computer Cut 99.9% of the time with the rare exception to some cars that are either too old for the system or too new. We use what ever works to our high standards to get customers cars done right…. The FIRST time. For the past 10 years it has been working just fine ;). 50k patterns cut later, we adapt to the new technology. Hand cutting is like walking to a far location versus driving. Sure you’ll get to the same place, though one will take you a little longer than the other. No difference.
Well, the craftsmanship, hard work and precision to detail is what puts us “A shade above the rest”. We do not pride ourselves on ‘cheap’ prices but exceptional work and customer service. If for any reason you might have a problem with your windows, we will take care of the issue with no problems. We promise you will ALWAYS find lower prices than us. But workmanship and price goes hand in hand. Not necessarily saying you have to spend a whole lot just to get your car done, though some research will help you make the best decision instead of JUST basing it on price. If you are still set on just the cost and not the work, your probably better off trying it yourself since most places with the dirt low pricing know just as must as you do.
Yes! We usually like to check out the windows ourself before we give a price. If you like to measure the windows and send us an email along with a photo and the numbers we would be glad to give a rough estimate over the phone.
NO! We do all our work in doors. Whether its rain, sleet, snow, no matter the weather we can still tint. However, the best weather to get your windows done is when it is raining! The reason for it, the moisture in the air helps keep the air contaminants down. We always do our best to do this on our own, but its a big help!
To make a warranty claim you must need your receipt & your warranty card. If for any reason you only have one, at least ONE of the two will do fine. With out either or, full charges will apply for any further work. We do NOT keep customer records in our system. It is the customer’s responsibility to keep their paper work.
The film goes on the inside of the windows.